Coming from the North - Nantes, Poitiers, Paris etc.

Travelling along the A83 (from the direction of either Nantes or Poitiers depending on which ferry port you arrived at), leave the motorway at junction 8 at Fontenay le Comte. As soon as you're past the toll booth you arrive at a roundabout.

Turn left here (the last exit) and travel towards Vix (this is signposted on the roundabout).

About 12 kilometres (8 miles) later you come up a short rise to another roundabout. Take the first exit (sharp right) towards Le Gué de Velluire.

Follow that road downhill, uphill and down again for about four miles into the village of Le Gué de Velluire. Keep going through the village's twists and turns into the village of La Taillée and go on for another mile or so.

AS SOON as you leave La Taillée (there's a sign with a line through the name of the village) you'll see the mill on your right. If you find yourself driving along a long straight stretch with wide open fields both sides, you've gone too far - look over your right shoulder and you'll see it.

We've noticed that most route planners suggest leaving the A83 at junction 7 and coming down through St Jean, St Gemme and Moreilles. This is ok too but we think our way is better!

Coming from the South - La Rochelle

From the airport: Follow the signs to Rochefort, Bordeaux and Nantes. After 8 km take the slip road on the right (passing back under the dual carriageway) onto the N11 towards Nantes, Poitiers and Niort.

From La Rochelle town centre: Follow Toutes Directions until you see a sign to Nantes (the N11).

Once on the N11 drive for 10 km (ish) and turn off at the slip road onto the N137 to Nantes.

You come up to a a big roundabout with a wiry sculpture of don Quixote on it. Take the second exit signposted to Marans and Fontenay le Comte. The road is pretty much dead straight for 20 km interrrupted by one more small roundabout about half way.

The town of Marans is on your route. Drive straight through the middle and out the other side. There are boats for hire, nice restaurants and tourist attractions in Marans but you'll find out about them later...

6 km after Marans you come to a roundabout. Take the first exit onto the D25A.

Drive 4 km to the village of Vouillé les Marais. When you can't go any further (you come to a T-junction) turn right.

Drive past the church, the mairie, the shop and the cafe and right out of the village. You'll see the mill across the fields to your front-left. You can't miss it.


Le Moulin
119 Route des Vignes
85450 Vouillé les Marais

GPS: (46.38638, -0.94326)
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